Following micropigmentation treatment, the effected skin areas need special attention and high quality care to ensure that your Permanent LONG-TIME-LINER® Make-up remains effective over the long term. Working in consultation with scientists and dermatologists, we have developed a care program that is specifically designed to meet the special needs of your skin following treatment.

Our skin care products contain a large number of quality ingredients that will help your skin regenerate more rapidly.

Please employ the care techniques described in the following for at least ten days after each pigmentation treatment.


Cleanse in the morning and evening with our
LONG-TIME-LINER® Cleansing Milk and then
apply LONG-TIME-LINER® Vitamin E Cream.


Cleanse in the morning and evening with
LONG-TIME-LINER® Cleansing Milk and then apply
LONG-TIME-LINER® Hydrogel to the eye area.


Apply LONG-TIME-LINER® Vitamin E Cream repeatedly
throughout the day and especially after meals.
LONG-TIME-LINER® Shea Balm soothes the skin,
nourishes the lips and gives them an attractive shine.

Please Note: We can accept no liability for the compatibility of the products
of other manufacturers with our micropigmented Permanent Make-up.


- 1 -

Never apply standard cosmetics, soap or oils directly to your micropigmented Permanent Make-up directly after treatment. Use only water and the products recommended by us. You can apply make-up and powder on top of a vitamin E cream base.

- 2 -

Carefully pat the treated skin areas after cleansing to remove excess products. Never rub or scrub!

- 3 -

Cover the pigmented areas before extensive sun exposure or solarium sessions or apply to these a high factor sunscreen product. In the first two weeks after treatment, you should also avoid environments in which there are high temperatures together with high humidity levels (as in a sauna, for example).

- 4 -

We would recommend a color refresh treatment for your Permanent Make-up to ensure that it remains perfect in appearance.

- Important -

You may notice that the treated skin regions become paler in the first days after treatment. Natural skin regeneration processes will mean that some of the pigments will be shed with the skin. Please note that a control and follow-up session 3 months after your micropigmentation session is included in the price; we would strongly advise you to take advantage of this