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Owned and operated by Natalya Khapun, M.A., an aesthetician and Long-Time-Liner Contour Makeup linergist. Natalya holds a masters of the arts degree, an aesthetician license, and a trainer license in micropigmentation. As a trainer, Natalya introduces and teaches the cutting-edge techniques in micro shading, hair stroke, lash enhancement, powdered casual eyeliner, ombré eyebrows, and Aquarelle lips. She is a partner with Long-Time-Liner, which is recognized worldwide for their highest standards in the level of treatment, devices and pigments.

As a true artist, Natalya brings her artistic touch to every treatment, making her work outstanding. As an elite linergist for over 17 years and makeup artist for 25 years, she strongly believes that the Long-Time-Liner method of micropigmentation is equally unique for young businesswomen, housewives, women in an active lifestyle, and a necessary attribute for women to age gracefully.

As she continues to seek excellence in education and advanced training, Natalya wishes to pass her expertise and knowledge to students. We welcome you to Long-Time-Liner Atlanta.

Come visit Natalya and the whole team at Long-Time-Liner Atlanta and we'll welcome you with a FREE consultation.