Our pencils are quality pre-drawing pencils from the Faber-Castell company, which were especially developed in compliance with the Regulation on Cosmetic Products for our micropigmentation colors. They are of soft texture, silky shiny, ensure excellent coverage and are outstandingly long-wearing.

The accurate, intense color release facilitates a precise micropigmentation pre-drawing. The colors can be mixed with one another as needed, allowing almost any pre-drawing micropigmentation tone.


We are renowned for our pigments. Studios in more than forty countries worldwide rely on the long durability and high quality. We have an extensive color palette that includes a great selection of more than 30 lip, 15 eyebrow, 4 eyeliner and 12 camouflage pigments. Well mixable – for even more options!

Our pigments are state of the art and offer high coverage, color brilliance, color stability and little retouching. All pigments have low allergy potential, are vegan and have not been tested on animals.

• Large selection of more than 30 lip, 15 eyebrow, 4 eye liner and 12 camouflage colors

• Well combinable with each other – thus providing even more possibilities to fulfil your customers’ individual wishes

• High coverage and color brilliance

• From subtle to strong – depending on the type and customer wish, ensuring the perfect tone

• 30 years of experience in manufacturing pigmentation colors

• Manufactured in compliance with EU-Regulations

• Continuous quality control

• Organic and anorganic pigments

• No heavy metals

• Little retouching


• Sterile

• No animal testing

• Very low allergy potential

• High color stability


The unique magnetic motor ensures a super exact needle guidance for micropigmentation which is particularly gentle on the skin. Where other PMU devices may need to apply more pressure for the color to penetrate the skin and thereby potentially affecting it, the Conture®-Liner DUO PMU device allows you to gently glide over the skin as the color is effortlessly injected into the skin.

Developed and manufactured in Germany by LONG-TIME-LINER®, the Conture®-Liner DUO is probably the most precise pigmentation device on the market.

Natural looking Make up is one of the easiest tasks for the Conture®-Liner DUO. Hardly any other PMU device creates such natural looking fine hair strokes and in conjunction with our special stretching technique, it ensures smooth contours and fine lines. It delivers one or the most natural looking lines on the market.

The BLU Liner ensures a very natural looking and gentle lip contour and shade. The precision PMU device consists of an electronic safety microcontroller and offers the possibility to connect two precision micropigmentation liners. The safety controller ensures a precise, quiet and balanced micropigmentation process, as well as short color injection times.